Hi! We’re Paul + Emily

About Us

Paul and Emily standing in front of a field

Lewis + Louisa was the small spark of an idea nurtured through dreamlike days on the open roads, when the desk and emails feel a million miles away, when you feel like anything is possible.

Combining our pledge to create less waste, our love of all things natural and our desire to make and use beautiful things, we now while away our evenings in the workshop creating and curating products that we’d be proud to use ourselves.

We believe that life is an adventure, from the everyday to the once-in-a-lifetime. We take those adventures and make and sell products inspired by them, all whilst taking you on the journey. We want to share that sense of adventure with you, we want you to feel the winter sunshine on your face, the summer breeze in your hair, and be ready for wherever life takes you.

So this is our invite to you – join a community of intrepid explorers discovering that life is about more than the 9-5. Weekend Warriors, Vanlifers, Jetsetters, Dogwalkers, and Daydreamers – let the adventure begin!

Our Story

Meet the Team


Barketing Manager

  • Duck treats

  • Belly rubs

  • Playing fetch


Head of Puplick Relations

  • Fish treats

  • Neck scratches

  • Fluffy toys


Purrformance Manager

  • Lick-e-Lix
  • Cheek rubs

  • Anything with catnip


Chief Furnancial Officer

  • Gourmet food only

  • Shoulder rubs
  • Feathers on a stick